Monday, February 05, 2007

Brent Corrigan: A New Chapter

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Well, another first here at the Pop Culture Institute: today I received, via email, an actual press release. It seems notorious gay porn star Brent Corrigan is trying to go legit. Somehow I received word of this, and so I'm happy to report it. In a way, it's like I'm going legit too.

Now showing on YouTube is a trailer for a rock opera created by Eric Svejcar and directed by Ryan J. Davis called "Didn't This Used To Be Fun". At first viewing it appears to be glorifying the twink culture, but the possible message is that a constant round of drugs and partying may be - gasp! - not much good for you. Unlike most "you should do what's good for you" messages, this one is at least sexy, so maybe it'll get its point across.

Mr. Corrigan last appeared on this page in a story about the murder of his business partner and former lover Bryan Charles Kocis. He mentions the event on his blog thusly:

"In light of the tragic events that took place last week and due to the extreme sensitivity and its nature, I have been advised by my attorneys and law enforcement officials in charge of the investigation not to make public comments or statements regarding this very sad and senseless crime.

"When I am again able, I will address the issues surrounding this terrible tragedy. Contrary to what others may have written, we had finalized a settlement with Cobra Video and Bryan regarding the civil lawsuit. The settlement documents were signed and all parties were looking forward to moving on to a mutually beneficial arrangement. Please pay your respects to Bryan Kocis, his family and friends. It is time to show them all the love and support you have shown me."

I am eagerly awaiting such a statement, and I will be republishing it here when it does appear.

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