Sunday, February 13, 2011

Pop History Moment: The Montreal Stock Exchange Bombing


On this day in 1969 members of the Front de libération du Québec bombed the Montreal Stock Exchange, blowing out the northeast wall of the building and seriously injuring 27 people in the process. The attack on the Stock Exchange was part of a concerted campaign by the FLQ, begun in 1963, to liberate the mainly French-speaking province from Canada.

Of course, since terrorism never increases anything but defiance among the terrorized, the FLQ failed utterly in its aims, even though the violence it perpetrated would escalate over the next few years and culminate in their two most craven acts: the seizure of British trade representative James Cross (whose kidnapping in October 1970 brought about the October Crisis, and who was released, unharmed, in December, after 60 days in captivity) as well as the kidnap and murder of Quebec Labour Minister Pierre Laporte in October 1970.
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