Monday, December 25, 2006

A Brand New Day

I can fight it no more.

Try as I might to be deep and intellectual I'm really neither. The fact is I have a shallow streak a mile wide (even though it never gets deeper than an inch). While I have often defended this trait of mine as an "overly-developed sense of the aesthetic" or some crap like that, truth be told there's nothing I like looking at more than a beautiful man. Unless it's two to five beautiful men in a...

Uh, but then that's a different matter altogether.

So now -- just like every second or third blog on the Net -- I'm in the celebrity gossip business, albeit with the existing pronounced self-help bent intact. (Sample advice: don't act like celebrities and you should be fine.) After all, just because I'm a sheep doesn't mean I can't be a black one.

It also liberates me from feeling the need to publish an essay whenever I post; I can just publish a paragraph or two several times a day and be done with it. I can also add more photos to the mix and maybe goose up my arts coverage (since my apartment is already brimming over with magazines and the like, and I'm rarely without the newest music and DVDs, by hook or by crook).

Also, in the case of the recent fracas between Donald Trump and Rosie O'Donnell I hope I can add my long years of star-gazing to clarify matters of ego. (He cheated, he declared bankruptcy, and I'll be damned if I'm going to let anyone with Orlon hair get away with calling anyone -- even a slob like Rosie O'Donnell -- a slob.) Given that celebrity culture has given us a collective memory span most easily measured in nanoseconds, I thought that my singular contribution could be to stretch that out at least to a few minutes. As a life's calling I think it has equal parts nobility and futility.

In addition to pursuing celebrity culture from a Canadian and gay male vantage point I can also pursue it from a Vancouver perspective. I've often seen stars when I've been out and about, but for some reason I've never seen fit to write about these encounters. I guess I was too busy trying to be deep and intellectual, when I'd have been better off sticking to what I know: being caustic yet cautionary.

And of course: playlists! What would infotainment be without lists?
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