Tuesday, March 13, 2007

War: Atrocity Begins At Home

In Canada, during the Great War (as WWI was known prior to WWII) it was common for the female relatives of men serving King and country on the battlefields of Europe to hand white feathers to young men they saw on the street. The white feathers symbolised cowardice. Whether the men were unfit for, exempt from, or opposed to war mattered little to these judgemental bitches.

Thankfully we live in an era in which things like that don't happen anymore.

Now we have decorated former combat troops being assaulted, most likely because they served. Of course, we don't know for certain (except second-hand) what his attackers' motives were; it could even be jealousy. Nobody knows what history there might be between these men, especially living as they do in such a small town, except the men themselves.

I was raised in a military family. I have seen the military up close. I am not unconditional in my support of the troops.

But neither do I condone this sort of behaviour. As if this poor young man hasn't suffered enough (even though it was his choice) he now has to worry that anytime he goes to the bar he might get a conk on the head and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Plus, only douchebags gang up on a guy four against one.

Whatever these unnamed men (who, since they're in their 20s, should not only not be offered the protection of anonymity, they should have their names and faces put up on billboards) were trying to prove, they failed to do so. Personally, I think his attackers should be sent to Afghanistan.

This is yet more proof that people should stay the Hell out of bars and away from alcohol. Also, rural Ontario is gross, war is bad, and don't hit people.

There. That should stir up some controversy.

[story via Seumas]
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