Thursday, October 04, 2007

NC Newspaper Outs 40 Men, Kills 1

In a sad - if predictable - turn of events, one of the 40 men arrested and charged with indecent exposure and disorderly conduct in a Johnson (ahem) City, Tennessee, park has already committed suicide. Jerry McCloud, 55, dealt with the shame of having his closet door blown off by the police and the press by blowing his own head off at home.

With any luck, and maybe a little prompting, LGBT rights activists in the US will gain perspective from this tragedy and use it to get focus back on ENDA (trans inclusive version) if that's still possible.

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A Happy Day

Well, as the headline states, it is indeed a happy day here at the Pop Culture Institute, as today marks the debut of our newest staff member, Seumas Gagne.

Seumas is already well-known for the level of commentary he provides which, during some pretty dark days, was all that kept this enterprise afloat. Additionally, he's provided me with oodles of moral support through the years.

Seumas will be writing - well, whatever he wants, frankly. However, his strengths lie with current events and since I am bogging down in writing historically based posts at the moment his presence here is bound to lend some balance to the proceedings.
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