Monday, October 06, 2008

Cross-Promotion: Bear Schmear!

Way, way, WAY back in the mists of time - oh, a good six months ago or more now - I stopped commenting on Joe.My.God, owing to the fact that one of my typically sensitive and/or amusing (albeit well-thought-out) comments* elicited an entirely uncalled-for and utterly hateful screed from a well-respected regular commenter called Freddy in P'Town. It was not the first time, evil knows, but I decided it would be the last. At the time I recalled watching one of my commenters, Tank, dissipating his considerable talent over there by grappling with an oodle of petty minded skanks to the exclusion of his own blog**; I did not want that to happen to me, and have since made a clean break.

Well, it's pretty obvious that I was never gonna be the kind of A-Gay that gets either Joe or his readers all wet in the drawers anyway - the only porn star I look like is Ron Jeremy - so it was no big loss to me; I'm of better use to Joe as a foe than a friend anyway, so that's what I'll be. Since his route to fame and fortune is antithetical to me - anathema, even - I'm just waiting for the ideal moment to enjoin that battle.

In the meantime, it wasn't a total loss; out of that experience I seem to have gotten a new reader, who goes by the name Richey Rich there, and who publishes a blog out of the Los Angeles area called Bear Schmear!. Recently - ie: today - I was in another of my funks, P'd-O about some imagined slight or other*** (I am notoriously thin-skinned for such a mouthy bitch) when what should I find over there, under the delicious title Brain Candy****, but a lovely glowing tribute!

Talk about making my day! So, in aid of New Media camaraderie, I would do as my friend has done and encourage my readers to check out Bear Schmear!; things have recently been tough for Rich - not only did he unearth some homophobic porn in his parent's house during a recent visit but a good friend of his passed away as well. Since parental bigotry and dead friends are two issues I know something about my heart really went out to him, despite the fact that he's a friend I haven't met yet.

Thanks for the kind words Rich, and know that every good deed will be rewarded - at least if I have anything to say about it.


*Well... Technically I said that Michelle Obama reminded me of Omarosa. But I digress...
**After all, as fun as it is fighting a battle of wits with an unarmed opponent at first, after awhile my old compassion kicks in, and I find myself feeling bad for the guy just wasting his time with an idiot.
***Or maybe it was low blood sugar.
****The same title as
The Kids in the Hall's debut movie - one of my all-time faves!

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