Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Desperate Doll-Housewives?

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingAccording to the Internet Movie Database, the cast of "Desperate Housewives" have been immortalised in plastic. Not just as plastic, but in plastic; their characters have been made into dolls by the Madame Alexander company. The dolls made their debut at the annual Toy Fair in New York City, and will go on sale in June, when they will retail for $129.99 each. That's like $650 for the set, in case, you know, you've already got your credit card out.

This is an honour that eluded even the ladies of "Sex and the City" who, if you ask me, would have kicked some serious Franklin Mint ass.
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Smitherman/Peloso Nuptials Impending

From the Toronto Star, via Towleroad:

"Maybe it was spending the weekend in the honeymoon capital that inspired George Smitherman, Ontario's first openly gay cabinet minister, to reveal his summer wedding date.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting"Smitherman, deputy premier and health minister who turns 43 Monday, told the Toronto Star the nuptials will take place Aug. 5 at a wilderness resort west of Sudbury, Ont. He and his long-time partner, Christopher Peloso, a 33-year-old manager of chocolate company Lindt Canada, were quietly engaged on Christmas Day. The two men first met 10 years ago and dated on and off before reconnecting 18 months ago. Smitherman proposed when they were in Sudbury for Christmas visiting Peloso's parents. The wedding will be at Laurentian Lodge, a picturesque resort north of Elliot Lake where Smitherman took Peloso's family last summer.

"The couple, who hope to adopt a child, played down the historical significance of their union. "It's not all that big a deal now," said Smitherman, praising gay and lesbian pioneers who have been fighting for equal rights for years."

* * *

I think I showed admirable restraint in not entitling this post "Ontario Health Minister Weds Chief Fudge Packer". There's also a whole story in there about how they met ten years ago but only recently reconnected, but try as I might I can't even make it as porno as I'd like it to be; I just think it's sweet.

Ugh, I must have caught a Valentine's virus or something.

Otherwise, I struggled a bit over how to bill them. I mean, I can see why the patriarchy was so popular; everything was much simpler then. How do you bill a same-sex marriage, anyway: oldest first, alphabetically, top/bottom? And what about versatiles and lesbians?

I eventually settled on this one because a) who has the time, and b) Mr. Smitherman has the bigger, uh, job.
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