Thursday, June 14, 2007

Queen Mourns Falklands Fallen

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Her Majesty The Queen today led mourners at a service commemmorating the 25th anniversary of the end of the Falklands War, in which 255 British and more than 600 Argentines lost their lives. She was joined by hundreds of mourners including the Duke of Edinburgh, Baroness Thatcher, and Tony Blair.

While there the Queen placed the final stone on a memorial cairn made from rocks brought back from the conflict.

Meanwhile, in Stanley - the capital of the Falkland Islands - the Queen was represented at a similar service by her youngest son, The Earl of Wessex.

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Sledd Inks NBC Deal

It's a great day for anyone in new media toiling their way out of obscurity the hard way.

William Sledd, host of "Ask A Gay Man" on YouTube (with 51,000+ subscribers!) will apparently be developing content for one of the many arms of NBC/Universal, possibly Bravo.

So you tell me... Is this a new star being born or just another bitchy fag for straight people to laugh at? Either way, it's cool, as long as a bitch is gi'in paid.

One thing is clear: it's time to take my claws out of cold storage and teach this twink a thing or two.

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In Lighter News: Fig Leaves For Everyone!

It seems Judy "Fig-Leaf" Fenton is opposing Sally "Responsible Legislator" Clark in Seattle's upcoming City Council elections, running on a no-penis platform.

Apparently, the Olympic Sculpture Park has a statue with a little nudie-nudie going on, and Ms. Fenton is seeing head. Er, red.

Hm. Running for public office, and the only reason is to take down a... Statue?

Something tells me that statue has a better platform than you lady.

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Kurt Waldheim's Dead

I suppose, in order to be a credit to my community, I should be sombre and respectful when reporting the death of such an uber-Villain.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketBut I don't wanna.

The man was clearly a Nazi and an anti-Semite; because of it he tainted the office of Secretary-General of the United Nations and the chancellory of Austria.

Yet, each figure from that period who passes on brings us closer to closure on the entire mess of World War II. Of course, we shouldn't ever forget it (and thanks to the History Channel we won't be able to) but its ability to polarise us needs to end. Today's problems are far more important than yesterday's, and dealing with them will make tomorrow's easier to manage.

I like to think that it was press scrutiny which kept Herr Waldheim in check throughout the final half of his life. If there was ever a better case to be made for a strong press, that's it right there.
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