Friday, August 10, 2007

What Is Wrong With This Country

You'll note, the title of this post isn't a question. Not even a rhetorical one.

Alvaro Orosco has applied for refugee status, fearing persecution in his homeland of Nicaragua if he's forced to return. Mr. Orosco is gay.

Too bad Canada doesn't care if gay men live or die.

He was recently ordered deported, and could be gone as early as August 16th. Given the media attention his story has been receiving, especially in Nicaragua, his life is already in serious jeopardy. Homosexuality is punishable under Nicaraguan law by up to four years in prison; the worst part is, that's the good news.

You could, if you are of the idealist, er, bent, email Immigration Minister Diane Finley. You could try bombarding her office with faxes, carry signs up and down in front of her office, or even make a calm and rational appeal to her better nature.

You could try just about anything. But let's face it, she's a Tory; homophobia's like mother's milk to them.

The only silver lining is that his blood will be on her hands.

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