Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Majority Of Monarchs Favour Dropping Canada

Word from Buckingham Palace this morning that when news of a recent poll showing that 53% of Canadians favour dropping the monarchy was revealed to the Queen of Canada she called up her new buddy George.

Here now is the transcript of that conversation.

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(sound of telephone ringing)

W: Yup.

ER II: Oh, hullo George.

W: Hey, Queenie! How's it hanging?

ER II: We don't do that here George; here we make people go on Big Brother until they die of humiliation.

W: Oh yeah, I forgot. Hey, by the way, sorry again for ripping up your roses when we visited...

ER II: We planted new ones, and they're beautiful.

W: ...and ripping up the rugs, drilling through your walls, oh, and punching the hole in that painting...

ER II: Rugs can be repaired, holes can be filled, and it turns out the painting wasn't a Rubens at all, which we would never have known if your Secret Service hadn't been playing baseball indoors.

W: ...and that slip about your age when you were here?

ER II: Oh, I've forgotten all about that. Besides, today I feel nearly three hundred years old.

W: Problems, Queenie?

ER II: (sigh) Yes. I'm afraid Canada doesn't want me anymore.

W: You mean...?

ER II: Yes George.

W: Cool! Now I get to try out the new Invade-a-tron 3000 the Pentagon developed.

ER II: Happy Christmas, George.
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