Monday, January 26, 2009

Introducing... Cholmondely St. John-Mainwaring

On this, the second anniversary* of the Pop Culture Institute, it gives me great pleasure to introduce the newest member of our organization, the esteemed journalist Cholmondeley St. John-Mainwaring**; long involved behind the scenes around here, he brings with him years of experience in the puppet press*** and a unique insight to these proceedings which I feel will quickly become invaluable. Also, he should make for precisely the kind of public face this enterprise demands as we make our transition from strictly print to a full-service multimedia outlet.

As our daily hit counts continue to increase and we add readers by leaps and bounds - whether through viral marketing efforts at Facebook or else purely at random - I've also taken the added step of re-subscribing to YouTube as PopCultureInstitute, so as to accommodate the expected influx of videos I hope to be making from now on as well as to further extend our brand. It's all part of turning a one-man onslaught of new media into a one-man one-puppet onslaught of all media!

*Just to refresh your memories, the first blog post I ever made was on this day in 2006, when the blog was called The Pandora Institute; the name change - to the Pop Culture Institute - came the following Christmas Day.
**Pronounced 'Chumley Sinjin Mannering', natch!
***Which is not, as one might expect, a euphemism for the mainstream media.

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