Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Playing Catch-Up

It seems strange that I was really only gone from 4:15 PM Friday until noon on Monday. There's so much to do it's like I was gone for a month.

In addition to blogging I have a house to clean, what feels like two loads of laundry a day for the remainder of the week, a cat to de-neuroticize, and a million other things as well, most of which I have yet to find out about.

I guess it's only shocking to find my life has momentum because for the past few months it's had none to speak of. Part of my intention for going to Seattle in the first place was to jump start myself.

I think it worked. I was up before my alarm this morning, and I've been going steadily ever since.

Oh well, only a few more years of this and I'll be caught up to where I'm supposed to be.
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