Thursday, October 30, 2008

"Miles Away" by Madonna

At this moment I am the closest I'm probably ever going to get to Madonna; for the first time ever she's deigned to play our little town, in a venue I can see from my front window. These are truly exciting times in which we are living... Whatever the reason she's had for overlooking us in the past, Madonna's blonde ambition has finally brought her to Lotus Land, with the commensurate level of wigging out by the local media; for that very reason, I haven't gone overboard marking the event at the Pop Culture Institute.

In the past Madonna always said the reason she avoided the Pacific Northwest because the humidity played havoc with her vocal chords; obviously, all those years living in England have been a great help to her and her moisture-sensitive throat.

Miles Away is, of course, Madonna's break-up song, its lyrics positively redolent of her years with Guy Ritchie; the third and current single, taken from her 2008 album Hard Candy, no doubt takes on added poignance as the Sticky & Sweet Tour continues its money-making juggernaut around the world.
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