Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Happy Hump Day

Uh, I'm gay, so don't take this the wrong way or nothin', but...

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...Courteney Cox is so smokin' hot she's got me seeing double!


Welcome to what I hope will become a couple of new features for the Pop Culture Institute.

The first, as per the title, is our weekly celebration of everything Wednesday: Hump Day, or as it's known in French-speaking countries Mercredi Gras. Because of an odd glitch in my schedule, I have three hours extra free time every Wednesday afternoon. So I thought I'd devote that time exclusively to the Pop Culture Institute. This means more posts, more original content, including audio and video. Besides which, don't we all deserve a holiday every single week?

Then there's the Gratuitous Brunette. Based on my own theory that a picture of a beautiful person is like a multivitamin for the soul, from now on whenever I need to be perked up, I'm throwing in a Gratuitous Brunette. So as to be fair, some of the brunettes will be female. As you know, Valentine's Day is fast approaching. I'm going to need a lot of something to see me through it, and Gratuitous Brunettes are less fattening than chocolate.

Further to this aim (and our third new feature in one) is the 3-D Celebrity, which is just as cool as it sounds, but may require instructions. Lean in as close as you need to your monitor to make the two pictures into three, then just let your eyes relax. I find it works best if you're groggy, so just before bed or just after waking up works best. The pictures on either side should fade out and the middle picture should float up off the screen. If you can make it work it's like they're right there man.

[Warning: The dosage of monitor radiation required to create a 3-D Celebrity exceeds Federal Government standards, even in Third World countries. Seriously, it's like drying your ass with a microwave. Also, you may also need to be high.]
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