Tuesday, October 09, 2007

One Wonders: Was San Marino Founded By Gays?

Reading POPnews certainly can take a person down some interesting roads, can't it?

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketI was just doing some catching up after a busy weekend of teaching Anglicans to drink to excess, sing boisterously, and dance, when I read the blurb on POPnews for October 8th about the adoption of the constitution of San Marino in 1600. Having never heard of the country, I hopped over to Wikipedia using the link thoughtfully provided by the Boss.

Among other interesting facts and figures, I noted that the country was founded by Marinus of Rab and his "lifelong friend," Leo. Hmmm. If I read that in today's paper, I would see it as a code word for same-sex partner.

Wouldn't it be fun to discover that there was a country with great scenery, democracy, awesome wine and cheese, adorable military uniforms, where the head of state is a duo referred to as the Captains Regent, that had been founded by…oh. Oh my. That does seem to add up, doesn't it?

Anyone else think that maybe Marinus and Leo were more than friends? Anyone from San Marino care to confirm or complain?

A couple of other things of note: Marinus and Leo founded San Marino to escape persecution from the Church, and once they had done they lived the life of hermits. I think both impulses are understandable, homosexually speaking. ~ The "Boss"
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