Thursday, May 17, 2007

Verka Serduchka Keeps Me Dancing

Thanks to Joe.My.God I've been grooving out to Verka Serduchka all week. I mean, "accordion techno"? What's not to love?

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketMs. Serduchka (actually Andriy Danylko) performed at the Eurovision Song Contest in Helsinki recently, with a glitterball-inspired performance of Dancing Lasha Tumbai. Members of the Ukrainian Parliament have been hating on Serduchka for months now, calling his performances "grotesque and vulgar". As opposed to politics, I suppose, which is all kittens and roses. Don't get me started.

The song eventually came in second, but it came first in my heart, for what it's worth.

If all the notoriety gets to be too much for Danylko/Serduchka, he/she/they can always move to Canada, where a tubby Ukrainian can become famous. Just look at Luba Goy.

In case you missed it...

Campy, yes... But I like it too.
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Now Showing - "Kingswood Country"

Yesterday, while recovering from my kidney stone, I decided that I felt like watching YouTube. Not content to watch the same old same old I made a stab in the dark, and typed in "Australian sitcom". This is what I got: Kingswood Country.

It's not terribly good, although it's apparently based on Til Death Do Us Part, the Britcom which so memorably inspired All In The Family. Well, I've seen Til Death Do Us Part and I've seen All In The Family. Kingswood Country is neither.

Then again, Australia isn't known for its sitcoms. I may do some further research and/or watching. The available clips don't exactly bristle with references, although according to Wikipedia the show was topical.

(The title seems to be a reference to Kingswood, a suburb on the western edge of Sydney, as much as a car of the same name.)
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