Saturday, January 26, 2008

South Carolina: Expect The Expected

As expected, Barack Obama handily won the South Carolina primary, garnering 55 percent of the vote to Clinton's 27; still my favourite for dark horse candidate, John Edwards (who is - get this - a white man!) received 18 percent. The candidates' debate on CNN January 22 got the highest ratings ever for such a show, which may just be the silver lining to all the bitterness, resentment, and anomie currently inherent in the electoral process.

PhotobucketIf Election 08 can get people interested and involved again, if it can overcome their apathy, maybe it can even get them to vote; because that is the real victory in a democracy... Each individual vote is a victory against the forces of tyranny, and using it is not only the best way to ensure you'll still have it to use the next time, but also that there'll be a next time for you to use it.

I've noticed that the creeping spectre of partisanship - which has long kept parties on either side of the aisle from working together - is lately beginning to creep into party politics as well, and threatens to thwart the Democrats' cake walk into the White House this coming November. Staunch supporters of Barack Obama seem to be as opposed to the potential candidacy of the would-be First Lady President as they ought to be to Christianist maniac Mike Huckabee, pretty-boy smarm-factory Mitt Romney, or John "Concierge at the Hanoi Hilton" McCain and vice versa.

So while it's true that both junior Senators (New York and Illinois respectively) have very different visions for how the United States can and should be run, the one thing they do agree upon - that a Republican cannot and must not be allowed to do it - doesn't even seem to be on the agenda.

What is on the agenda is much petty sniping - mainly, at this stage, about race. Rather than running against their opponents, both candidates seem to be running against their allies. Seeing minorities fighting amongst themselves is the sort of thing that Republicans love to watch - it's their porn - and whether they're at home, in court, or on a hook, nobody likes to see a Republican get off less than me.

A little bit of politicking is to be expected, since this is the part of the campaign when the individual candidates demonstrate their platform, interpret their vision of the party, show the electorate how they handle themselves under fire, and (to a much lesser, though more important, extent) how they will build their team if elected; but the blogosphere is fairly bristling with much commentary, even at this early date, about how theirs is the only candidate, and if their candidate loses how they're moving to a cabin in Iceland or some shit because life won't be worth living anymore.

Well, if a Republican wins the next election because Clintonites fail to support Candidate Obama, or vice versa, that's when things are really going to get ugly. I mean "Iran in 1979" ugly, Spanish Inquisition ugly, Rudy Giuliani in drag ugly...

The next primary is the big one - Super Tuesday - which takes place February 5th; 24 states will be up for grabs that day.
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