Thursday, February 01, 2007

Boring Old Sex Scandal

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San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom, one-time Democratic golden boy and future pop culture flame-out, has apologised for having an affair with the wife of an aide. Given his constituency, this story could have had a happy ending, but no. He cheated with a woman. I never get what I want.

I could make some kind of snide comment about how obviously sacred marriage is to heterosexuals (as opposed to we folk) but even I wouldn't kick a dog when he's down. It's enough for me to know that somewhere a grandstanding egomaniacal pretty boy is getting his comeuppance.
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Chute The Dog

This from Jen Chung, over at Gothamist...

"A 5 month old puppy was dropped in a trash chute by his owner during an argument. The Daily News reported that ex-con Anthony Blow had been arguing with Robin Hines and threatened, "You don't think I will do it?" before dropping the pit bull terrier mix through the chute seven stories. Hines called the police, who managed to rescue the dog after breaking into the compactor room.

"Sergeant Rick Khalaf said, "The trash was knee-deep on the floor. Rats were running everywhere, and then we saw him. He was encased in garbage, surrounded by bottles, food and the metal edges of cans, and just looked like he wanted to say, 'Hello everybody.' It could have been a terrible death." The dog who only suffered a couple scratches was renamed Lucky and another officer, Andrew Dorsett, offered to adopt him, saying, "I just couldn't see him spending his life in a shelter and possibly being put down."

"Blow was arrested. Since Lucky is deaf (!), Blow was charged "abandonment of a disabled animal" as well as other animal cruelty charges. Blow also allegedly said about throwing Lucky away, "It's my property and I can do what I want with it."

Karma being the bitch it is, something tells me there's another chute about to be dogged. Enjoy your stay at Riker's Island, Mr. Blow.
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