Tuesday, February 27, 2007

"I Think She's Spotted Her Prey..."

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Madonna, seen here at some charity function, awards show, or other such festival of self-aggrandisement, definitely puts the GRRR in Cougar. And about all I have to say to that is honey, whatever you are doing, just keep on keeping on.

(PS: Whatever you sucked out of Britney that time you kissed her? Y'might wanna give her just a little bit of it back. Girl need it real bad!)
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Who Said What Now?

Today, while on tour in the United Arab Emirates, The Prince of Wales made an off-the-cuff remark about banning McDonald's to reduce levels of obesity. Odd that such an experienced horseman should bollocks it all up and put the cart before the horse like that.

The only way to ban McDonald's is to stop going there, and the best way to do that is to make healthy food more affordable. Period. Obesity is on the rise because it is easy, and our entire culture rewards cheap and easy (just look at Paris Hilton - now there's a way to reduce anyone's appetite).

In other news from the Royal Tour, Camilla blah blah bloody great hat, blah blah. Blah, cutting ribbons, blah unveiling plaques blah, trying not to look bored blah blah.

[SOURCE: The Seattle Post-Intelligencer]
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The One That Got Away

I just spent an hour writing a post which I then deleted. It contained my real thoughts on many pertinent issues of the day. Which is to say my actual thoughts about the people and things in my life. About myself too, ooh, some terrible, wicked stuff.

Better out than in, they say; well I say a bit of each is nice too, if you can get a rhythm going.

It's very cathartic to write, mainly because it saves you from shouting such things in people's faces. Which, as fun as it is, shouldn't be. Plus, it can get you fired or punched (both, if you work where I do). Probably the most cathartic thing about writing, though, is when you hit that DELETE button and it all goes bye-bye. It's the ultimate act of letting go, especially when those words were hateful words. It's even better than shitting!

I made myself a promise in the last piece, to write until I started to laugh. Well, I wrote for 45 minutes while crying then re-read for fifteen filled with rage and then I deleted it. That gave me a chuckle. So I started this piece. Fourth line good, fifth line better, and a genuine laugh! By the time I get to shitting I can barely see the screen again, only this time the tears ain't bitter, they're sweet.

I know, I know, you're not supposed to laugh at your own stuff. Well, you know what? I'll laugh if I want to, I'm fucking hilarious. Plus, I'm the only one who gets all my jokes. That's gotta count for something.

The point is, I'm an overly sensitive person and I live in a brusque city. I'm also a mimic. I have an idea that if only I could find a way to reflect all the negative energy I seem to attract, rather than absorbing it, I might be alright. Something like a shield, or a mirror, or a lens of some kind...
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To-Do List For Today

1. Blog.
2. Take pictures.
3. Pet the cat.
4. Go for a walk.
5. Smile at your own reflection.
6. Give that smile to a stranger.
7. Watch children playing, birds flying, clouds clouding.
8. Feel less hurt, more love, and new life.
9. Act to eliminate negativity, knowing hope is the way.
10. Do these nine every day, do I make myself clear?
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Homophobia's Day in Court

This from Towleroad...

Anyone who says that the gay in "That's so gay" isn't the same as the gay that's used to describe me is a damn liar, and probably someone who says "That's so gay" as well.

I do feel bad for the little girl, though, to have to learn this hate where it's hardest to refute - in the home. Hopefully, as long as her parents don't decide to home school her, it shouldn't progress much past this, and maybe some of the damage done to her can be remedied as she moves up through the grades.
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