Wednesday, July 30, 2008

RIP Tim McLean

Just when I thought it wasn't possible to shock me anymore comes the news from Manitoba that Vince Weiguang Li stabbed fellow Greyhound bus passenger Tim McLean dozens of times with a hunting knife; while the rest of the passengers fled the bus in terror, the assailant then proceeded to gut and decapitate the 22 year-old carny, before calmly displaying the grisly trophy of his victim's head to those waiting outside.

PhotobucketThanks to the quick thinking of the bus driver and several of the passengers, they were able to keep the attacker imprisoned in the bus until they were able to flag down a passing truck and call for help. Li was later arrested and taken into custody in Brandon.

So while Tim McLean's life has been ended, his story is far from over. Already a battle is brewing over at Wikipedia over the validity of the page created for him there, which battle I have already enjoined.

May the Pop Culture Institute suggest you join the Facebook group that's been set up in his memory; the link to it is behind the photo.
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