Sunday, June 03, 2007

TED Talks: Sir Ken Robinson on creativity

I laughed. I cried. It became a part of me.
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Dead Poets Society Admits New Member

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I know that email is a poor way of doing this but it seems the fastest way to inform you of the bad news about T-Paul.

He passed away in his home in his home in the last 24 hrs. His good friend Ru found him this morning in his house on his couch. It looked like another aneurism or possibly a stroke. Not much is known at this time.

Arrangements are being made and you will all be informed about any services or gatherings held on his behalf.

It is a loss to the community and to all the people who knew him.

Please spread the word to anyone not on this list. I know you will all do so. He knew so many people that it would be impossible for any one individual to contact all of them. Thank you. Bill Mc.

[Behind The Photo: An interview of T Paul Ste. Marie
by Bonnie Nish, of Pandora's Collective.
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Reality Vs. Pop Culture: Edward and Mrs. Simpson

Gorgeous, star-crossed lovers whose affair threatens to topple an Empire...

...or a mannish maneater who sinks her fangs into a flighty upper-class twit.

Make your selection in the comments section.
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