Saturday, February 28, 2009

February 2009: At Least It's Over

It's no mystery to our regular readers by now what a burden and a trial I find February - and it's not just about Valentine's Day, either, although that is a big part of it. Mainly, I guess, it's because it's the end of winter here in Vancouver, and what with the rain and the lack of sunlight and all it just starts to get to me without massive infusions of retail therapy. In February's defense, this one has been one of the loveliest - in other words driest and brightest - in living memory; also, in my own defense, I did write more than 70 new posts this month. Also, as much fun as they've been to make, part of the reason I've been behind in posting is producing these videos, which take a certain amount of time to edit.

Rest assured, the Pop Culture Institute is entirely on track and will be caught up in a week or so; part of the problem has been the impending instalment of The Barington Encounter, which is both long and suffering from an indefinable flaw which has hitherto rendered it unpublishable. I think I've just about figured out what it is, and once I have that's yet another logjam cleared away.

Thanks for your patience!

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