Tuesday, August 21, 2007

This Cougar Makes Some Serious Scratch

Quicker than a ray of light, Madonna might be leaving Warner Music Group, her record label for the past 25 years.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketAccording to British music bible New Music Express that's the case.

She's said to be in talks with Live Nation, and this talk ain't cheap; the deal is said to be in the vicinity of £50.5 million. That's a hundred mil to you and me.

Whew! That oughta buy a lot of Ben-Gay and support hose.

Madonna's current contract calls for an (eagerly anticipated!) new album produced by Justin Timberlake - due out this fall - and a greatest hits package to wrap up her years with Warner in a tidy little bow. It could all be a done deal by the New Year.

Once she's finished promoting those she'll be footloose and fancy-free. [Insert your own joke here.]
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Now Showing - "Jake and The Fatman"

I must confess, I never watched this show. I did, however, see Joe Penny on various talk shows and such. I would probably watch it now that I have a better attention span. I was --

Hey! Shiny...
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Now Showing - "Magnum P.I."

Hawaiian tourism never had a better poster boy than Mr. Tom Selleck.
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Now Showing - "Hawaii 5-0"

In keeping with Pop Culture Institute's celebration of all things Hawaiian, here's the first in a series of three shows which have featured tropical scenery with a side of crime-fighting.

Recently I had occasion to watch some old episodes of this show, and I was surprised to find it solidly written and acted. Even if Jack Lord's acting was often Shatnerian, his three dimensional hair always made me feel safe. Plus it kinda looked like Diamond Head.
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