Monday, March 05, 2007

Al-Qaeda's War Against Civilisation Continues

There have been so many bombings and so much destruction in Iraq I find it hard to make it through the day if I have to think about it, so I end up shutting most of it out. I realise it's selfish, but I've grown accustomed to paying the rent, and sitting on the sofa weeping over hundreds of dead people I would have never met anyway kind of interferes with that.

The war has so far been a blur of stock footage and the vaguely recalled soundbites of a thousand recorded arguments, and I would reduce it even further than that if I could. But this is too much to ignore.

This was not a random thing, but a pointed act. As powerful a thing as the printed word is, our ability to read it is even more so. These animals are attacking that very thing, striking at the very soul of every human being.

I wonder if there were any copies of the Koran in this book market. Surely blowing up the words of the Prophet ought to disqualify them from receiving their 72 virgins or figs or whatever it is they get.

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