Saturday, March 31, 2007

Vancouver Views 5 - False Creek

The first in the series with genuine narration. Yes, that's my voice. Sorry about that.

"Vancouver Views" has proven itself to be internationally popular, so much so that it has earned me a spot on someone else's blogroll: Y|O|Y (aka Why Oh Why). This is the first accolade (except for your lovely comments, of course) which I have earned from my work here at the Pop Culture Institute. Unfortunately, Gavin's blog is not setup to allow each posting its own html page, so I can't permalink directly there. Perhaps if I can get his permission to cut and paste the body of the text into this post...

This represents a huge step forward for me, as well as a karma boost for all concerned, since it is just a nice thing to do for someone. It feels as though there ought to be some kind of ceremony to accompany it: a flourish of trumpets, the pinning of some ribbon and a hunk of metal to a lapel, kneeling in front of a Queen. That sort of thing.

All I can offer is my humble thanks, a bit of publicity for he who has bestowed it, and then it's back to work for me. 1 down, only about 50 million more blogrolls to go. No matter how successful my enterprise is here, Y|O|Y will always be my first.
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Y | O | Y said...

You mean I popped your cherry? *Blush*

I'm not sure how to set up the ability for the permalink thingy, but if you click on the Recent Posts of a blog it should bring it up in a separate window.

The link which you seek is I'm sure that's not as elegant as how you describe, but it'll work. Of course, you can cut and paste too if you like.

When I did the post, I chose the pic that I had that matched your post...downtown view from Stanley Park by the totem poles. Now that I see today's post with the pic of the animals, I should have posted the other pic I had debated on...a poor mangy three-legged raccoon crossing the street over by the Teahouse Restaurant. Poor thing.

michael sean morris said...

All fixed - thanks for the help. Once I have either three or five such mentions from different places I'll do a digest post (with bullets!) and feature it a second time.

Your accompanying pic is fine, since it was the skyline views that caught your eye in the first place. Watch for more - Vancouver Views 6 was shot this morning and it's a doozy.

I remember the three-legged raccoon from previous wildlife inventories. Haven't seen him for awhile now, though. Have yet to see a coyote - not that I care to, they're too unpredictable - but they're in there.

Incidentally, the place where your picture was shot took the heaviest storm damage - 300 mature trees felled at Prospect Point, some 3000 in Stanley Park all totalled - about 10% of the park flattened.