Friday, March 30, 2007

When Schedules Attack

Saturday and Sunday I have such a terrible schedule I'm almost tempted to get in a cat sitter.

Since most blogs go silent at weekends, I always try to do more on those days, to build my readership with Saturday and Sunday supplements, like the newspapers. This weekend, though, will probably be alot of YouTube, news digests (3 or more links in a single post) and who knows? There may be a surprise or two in there for you kids as well.

The longer I do this, the easier and faster it gets. Just keep in mind that when I'm hungry and/or tired I tend to run my mouth; well-rested or not, the rule of thumb is, if I write anything here that offends you, state your reasons calmly in a comment and I just might prove myself to be reasonable. Hey! It could happen.
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