Friday, April 13, 2007

Dream Analysis, Anyone?

I'm sitting on the ground in a certain plaza at the edge of Stanley Park, despite the fact that there are benches. It's dark, obviously the middle of the night, but not cold. Pamela Anderson and a very hot young guy who looks a bit like Mika are there, also sitting on the ground. She's ignoring him, he's ignoring me, and all three of us are apparently waiting for something, not saying much. Suddenly, what looks like a very fat ferret comes scurrying out of the undergrowth and up on my lap, where it starts to nuzzle me. Soon, he's joined by a half a dozen others, and they all start peeping. The hot young guy is staring at Pam and trying to touch her breasts, but aside from swatting him away she ignores him, as she cheerfully tells me all about these friendly animals, which she called Furbies, but which actually look like a cross between a ferret and a weasel.
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Seumas Gagne said...

Hmmm. The Pamela Anderson section of the universe, which though lovely, isn't what you're interested in is pleasant to you. The Mika section of the universe, which you crave, ignores you.

Just a thought.

michael sean morris said...

Well, yes, that part is pretty clear. Also, the little ferret-y things, which are normally vicious little bitches in the wild, were sweeter than kittens.

Maybe I need to stop dwelling on what ignores me, and just focus on what wants to be good to me, namely animals.