Monday, April 09, 2007

John Travolta Is Hardly Divine

Why oh why could these dolls not have been made of the original cast? John Waters, why hast thou forsaken me? Will MacFarlane Toys hear my keening cries and ease my pain?

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Oh, I'm still gonna buy them, or at least the Tracy and Edna. Normally I wouldn't, but in 1977 my mother refused to let me have a Marie Osmond doll to go with my Donny, then went apeshit in 1979 when I brought home a Princess Leia.

So it's her fault really.

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Y | O | Y said...

Thank you! I keep telling my therapist it's all my parents fault but he keeps telling me to look at myself. Bastard!

michael sean morris said...

Though she's fine with me now, when I was a kid she was still very provincial. She didn't want the dolls turning me gay, the same way she "used to like" Rock Hudson till she found out.

It may not be her fault, but she was the grown-up in the situation, and her reactions to things definitely affected the way I matured. I'm not really a "blame the mother" type, but I have no problem "holding the mother responsible" for her own stuff.