Monday, April 16, 2007

Who's A What Now?

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There are many things at play here.

1) I don't have cable. This is for the best, since if I did I'd never get anything done.

2) I usually only buy the first season (or series) of any show. I guess I managed to talk myself into thinking that one day I may actually write one of these monsters, and so I wanted to study the unique dynamics that mark first seasons (or series). There are a few exceptions to this rule (Corner Gas, Sex and The City, Friends), but not many.

3) "Entourage" is a so totally, way, hella-hetero show. It's that hot - practically porn.

4) Which is probably why I was so shocked to learn that there's a gay character on it.

5) Not only is he Asian, he's actually gay. That's him above, in case you couldn't guess. His name is Rex Lee.

6) He plays Ari's assistant Lloyd, and he doesn't appear until the second season, you see.

I love these kind of shocks.

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