Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Cause Of "Great Gray Malaise" Determined

Cranial examination of michael sean morris, director of the obscure blog Pop Culture Institute has revealed the source of the "great gray malaise" from which he was said to suffer.

"It turns out to be nothing more than existential angst, which exacerbated a pre-existing condition of Irritable Bowel Syndrome," morris said, when reached via email at the Institute's headquarters. "I found myself, night after night, sitting at the computer and wondering why I was doing it: writing, photography, blogging."

It seems spending all that time in your head isn't good for you, and then to spend most of it with your head up your ass only makes matters worse, especially if it irritates your bowel.

"It occurred to me," he continued, "That the most appropriate answer to 'Why?' is 'Why not?' The most successful people in show business are obviously not hindered by such angst. Otherwise there wouldn't be anything on TV. They just continue to churn it out."

Having discovered the source of his ailment, morris said he plans to move ahead on all the projects he'd planned, including an expanded blog, sitcoms, and novels. "Now that I don't always have to stop myself and think 'what's the point' I can continue to clutter the public consciousness with more useless memes and annoying catchphrases. As well as bringing my readers the best of such things from around the world and throughout time."

He concluded: "It's an exciting time."
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Seumas Gagne said...


Y | O | Y said...

Blogging is a blessing and a curse. I can't wait for the end of May so I can stop with my three show recaps. While I love the shows, and love the recaps, they are A LOT of work for pretty minimal return!

Welcome back. :)

michael sean morris said...

I keep reminding myself of the payoff down the line - and that there'll be one when I get there. This year will be the hardest; next year I'll just start recycling all the On This Day Posts and I can shift my focus toward greater depth of content.

I couldn't handle show updates like you do, mainly because my schedule doesn't permit it, but I should try one. The season finale of Saturday Night Live is this week; maybe I'll try that.