Sunday, May 23, 2010

In Memoriam: Jimmy McShane

I absolutely adored this song when it turned up on North American radio in 1986, and afterwards wondered - as has always been my wont - whatever happened to him?

Best known as the lead singer of Baltimora, the Italian New Wave band responsible for the one-hit wonder Tarzan Boy - from their 1985 debut album Living in the Background - Ulster-born Jimmy McShane died of AIDS in 1995, a couple of months shy of his 38th birthday, less than a decade after his greatest fame. I found scant mention of him on the Internet, and what I found is sad: he died penniless and alone, having spent all his money on his 'friends' and apparently disowned by his family.

Never you mind mate... Here at the Pop Culture Institute we remember and love you, and will continue to show you at the pinnacle of your career every year for as long as we are able.
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Seumas Gagne said...

Oh, thank you, Michael, for bringing back such excellent memories. I loved this song too - what I wouldn't have given to be Tarzan's boy... Mmmm....

OK. I'm back. Jimmy McShane's tale is a cautionary one. No more free lunches for my 'friends'


*just kidding*

michael sean morris said...

Until I watched the video I was sure I'd never seen it. What a flood of memories it brought back.

Ajay said...

RIP Jimmy. I am always curios to know about Jimmy and his last days. He was such a fine singer.