Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Pop History Moment: The Coronation of George VI

On this day in 1937 George VI was crowned King of England alongside his queen; the day had originally been chosen for the coronation of his older brother, Edward VIII, and wasn't changed following his abdication in December 1936, leaving them little time to learn the complex ritual. Still, it went off without a hitch; the service was conducted by the Archbishop of Canterbury Cosmo Lang, whose opinion (clerical and otherwise) of Mrs. Simpson was seen as a major reason for the last-minute change of sovereign.

Millions lined the route in a persistent drizzle to cheer as the Gold State Coach passed by - specially illuminated within to give everyone on the sidelines a good view of the passengers. In the midst of a worldwide Depression, and with war clouds forming on the horizon, the coronation gave everyone a much-needed spot of celebration, and the crowds responded with ardour.
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