Monday, June 11, 2007

Another Milestone: 800 and Counting

Well, it hardly seems plausible, but there's the number right there.

I had wanted to make my 1000th post from Seattle when I visit there in a couple of weeks, but unless I get a furious dose of inspiration, that doesn't seem likely. Of course, one never knows with inspiration, does one? So it may yet happen.

In the meantime, as these milestones pile upon me, all of the myriad emotions and moods that have gone into this blog over the past eighteen months seem to coalesce into one uber-mood: it gloats (but is humble), it is both cool and hot, and it feels to me as though I may make something of my life yet.

The closest thing to it, I guess, is hope - but the kind of hope that is self-inflicted, a kind of hope for myself. I'm not hoping that the world will one day recognise my peculiar gifts, but rather that one day I'll be able to demonstrate these peculiar gifts to that sector of the public who is most willing and able to recognise them.

To celebrate, I think I'll take the rest of the morning off. And I'll see everybody when I see them, at post number 801.
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