Friday, June 08, 2007


This is his nominee for Surgeon-General? This guy?

This man is not fit to hold public office, on so many levels, in so many ways. Oh cripes and criminy on a cracker, no n-no no no.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketOn the other hand...

Letting the Republicans publicly fret about how distressing gay male sex is - even though they already know all about sucking it dry and fucking it up from governing - might be good for them. It's time there was a Great Butt-Sex Debate. It'll likely teach them finesse, for one thing, and maybe somewhere along the way they'll finally get the message that, when we do it, at least it's CONSENSUAL.

Oh well, all this dirty talk does makes the newscast a little brighter, doesn't it?. War War War... Anilingus.

Anilingus? Hello!
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1 comment:

Seumas Gagne said...

I've already written to both of my senators about this nutjob.

Any man who spends that much time thinking and talking about other people's bumfun is clearly a closet case who needs to take a ride on the baloney-pony in the worst way.