Sunday, July 29, 2007


As so often happens when I am perusing the Interweb, I'll get a glimpse of a headline, a tantalising hint at most, and when I try to chase it down it's gone, lost in a sea of pop up windows and other HTML atrocities.

The latest occurrence happened just moments ago.

It seems redheads in the UK are claiming that they face discrimination. I find that information hopelessly sad, as I do most tales of bigotry. I can only hope that, like most of the information on the World Wide Net, it's inaccurate.

If you British redheads really do feel that way, then you should definitely come to visit me at the Pop Culture Institute. Now, I can't afford to house or hire you, but you will definitely not encounter any prejudice against your kind here. Quite the opposite.

Redheads represent the apotheosis of rarity in the human species. Or something like that. If we don't act now, within a couple of generations oranges will be the only fruit, if you know what I mean.

So any of you Prince Harry or Ron Weasley types out there (and you ersatz Catherine Tates and Duchess of Yorks too) can rest assured that nothing's gonna harm you, not while I'm around...

Just remember to bring your freckles.
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Anonymous said...

Not all redheads have freckles, i mean i have a few but for the most part i have pretty white skin. just thought i would let you know and I am lucky enough not to live in the UK it sounds so brutal.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comment about red hairs.

It was refreshing.

Thanks again.

Dan said...

Anonymous said...

In my experience it seems like more women than men are accepting of redheads/gingers. I get compliments on my strawberry blond hair all the time from other women on the street and rarely get comments from men. What gives guys?! On Millionaire Matchmaker, Patti said that she likes gingers but that men don't like them. I'm still looking for the perfect guy that likes gingers in the mean time I hope I avoid the Gingerphobia that is apparently prevalent in England. I would love to vacation there someday, do I need to worry about verbal and physical attacks?! Yikes, frightening to think about.