Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Pop History Moment: London Was Bombed (Yet Again)


Not for the first time and not for the last, on this day in 2005 London was rocked by bombs; as these things go, London gets bombed more than Phil Mitchell, and Londoners carried on with life just as they've always done. Something tells me if Hitler couldn't get the best of them by raining tons of ordnance on their heads almost every night for months, Osama's got no chance even getting a reaction out of that jaded lot with an occasional firecracker.

Terrorists Mohammad Sidique Khan*, Shehzad Tanweer, Germaine Lindsay, and Hasib Hussain targeted 3 Underground trains within 50 seconds of one another just after 8:50 AM and a bus an hour later, at 9:47 AM; two of the three bombs on the Tube were on the Circle Line with the other on the Piccadilly Line while the bus exploded near Tavistock Square. The attacks occurred over a fairly wide area just to the north of central London.

The blasts killed 52 commuters (plus the four suicide bombers) and injured 700, disrupted traffic throughout the city, and much less importantly violated just about every tenet of their religion. So much for those 72 virgins in Heaven, boys...

*Whose wife, Hasina Patel, miscarried their child the following month - leaving even more blood on his hands.

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Anonymous said...

Tomahawk cruise missile: a perfect present for Shehzad Tanweer martyrdom party. But as much as this "party" is spitting in the faces of 7/7 victims and their families, British government is partly responsible. The Brits had no business giving the body to the family. It should have been ground up and used as dog food.