Saturday, July 14, 2007

Twitching the Kingfisher

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It was Mr. Barr's sharp eye that caught sight of this marvellous little creature, prey and all. I scrambled for my camera, turned and started shooting, only hoping that I'd be able to get a picture of both the bird and the fish in its mouth that was usuable. Voila!

I got off about five frames before the fish and the bird were history, and this one was the best.

This sighting was another first for me. I'd heard tell there were Kingfishers around, and over the years I'd seen glimpses of things that might have been Kingfishers but which could have just as easily been hallucinations.
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Captain Smack said...

When you said "I turned and started shooting" I thought you were shooting with a gun.

michael sean morris said...

Thanks. I fixed my clumsy syntax.

First post of the day; what's a boy to do?

But no. No guns here.

Arby said...

That's a great picture of a Belted Kingfisher. You can even see it's tiny tongue. Very cute! :o)

michael sean morris said...

The light was low, I didn't have my tripod, and the little bird was far away. I'm surprised the picture was usable at all.

I never noticed the tongue, though, until you mentioned it.

Thanks for the comment!