Thursday, August 30, 2007

A Few Of My Favourite Things

Since I am unable to do my laundry - AGAIN! - because my neighbours are hideous self-involved fucks who put their clothes in the washer then go to Vegas for a few days or whatever (who knows with straight people), I am as usual indulging myself so as to not completely lose it. There are times when it's great to be an only child; no matter how mad I get, there's always a treat (or three) that'll make it better.

Well, one of my most favourite things of all time is checking out blogs of really hot guys who would never talk to me in person in a zillion years and then leaving comments. Whether A-Gay or Hot-Gay doesn't really matter, although obviously if they're both it's twice as great.

I like to imagine them thinking "what a funny comment" and then the expression on their face when they click through and see my profile picture. HiLARious! Obviously, the disappointed look on his poor, pretty punim is far more funny in person, but luckily a masochist with a good imagination doesn't need actual the face time to have fun.

Today's victim is a guy in the Castro named Moby. Cute guy, hot friends, seems to take himself with a grain of salt; thanks to Gavin for the heads up on him. I don't pretend to understand those Castro types, or have anything in common with them excepting a predilection for penis, so visiting them in their natural habitat is more like anthropology than mere surfing.

Plus, every comment I leave sows the seeds for a possible page view for me down the road, so it's win-win.
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