Friday, August 27, 2010

"Love Will Keep Us Together" by the Captain and Tennille

You lucky readers! Not only do you get to enjoy a performance of Love Will Keep Us Together today on Daryl Dragon (aka The Captain)'s birthday, you may even get to enjoy it again on May 8th, the birthday of Toni Tennille.

Unless that is, I decide to post that other Captain & Tennille classic Muskrat Love that day... I can tell already, the suspense is killing you!
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Seumas Gagne said...

O, I hate that song. The speaker is so pathetic, begging her man not to stray. If he's that loose, cut him!

michael sean morris said...

This song has been pretty much prevalent throughout my life; in that time it's gone from hit to joke to ironic to classic. It was only last year, though, as I was watching the video of it I posted then that the second verse leapt out at me...

"Young and beautiful/someday your looks will be gone"; I frequently hum that lyric to myself on the rare days I turn down the wrong street by mistake and find myself accidentally in the gay neighbourhood.

But yeah, the "you belong to me now bit" is a bit much. Still, it's got a good beat, and I can dance to it; that's pretty much all I demand of these people.