Wednesday, September 01, 2010

"Dis-moi, Dis-moi" par Mitsou

In 1991, during the year-and-a-bit between the release of Justify My Love and Erotica, Mitsou - the Madonna of Quebec, born on this day in 1970 - made this wholesome little video which positively scandalized executives at music channels around the globe. It was more heavily banned than played, Mitsou lost out on an American recording contract, and poof!... No more Mitsou.

The next time she tried her hand at scandal was in 1993, with a song written by RuPaul, but helas trying to force a scandal only works if you're the actual Madonna. Even though she's been acting more lately, Mitsou (currently the host of Au Courant on Quebec television) still releases albums. None of them, though, have succeeded in returning her to the pinnacle of stardom she attained in 1988-9.
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