Monday, October 18, 2010

Pop History Moment: The Death of Jon-Erik Hexum

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketThere is a substantial amount of footage of Jon-Erik Hexum on YouTube; which is surprising, actually, for someone who was little more than a male starlet when he died, more 25 years ago now. I had the honour to watch most of it in preparation for writing this piece, and all I can say is that my high opinion of him hasn't changed one iota through the years, but has, in fact, increased...

In addition to handsome and charming he is gentle, soft-spoken, and funny - a real gentleman, despite the idiotic questions he's forced to answer, such as in this interview with Merv Griffin, which was so sleazy someone clearly felt the need to do a second one.

Hexum's death, in addition to the personal loss it presented, was also literally a tragedy - in fact, the kind of accident that could only happen on a movie set*.

On October 12th, 1984, while rehearsing a scene for the TV show Cover Up, Hexum accidentally shot himself in the head using a gun loaded with blanks, in front of dozens of shocked onlookers; he was pronounced dead six days later, on this day in 1984, at the age of 26.

* In fact, it happened again - in 1993 - to Brandon Lee.
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Ginger said...

Hello, a nice blog and sweet comments you left about Jon, he seemed to be everything you say, gentle, soft-spoken, funny. I am the one who posted much of those Jon-Erik videos on youtube. :) And they keep coming. Now with the death of Heath Ledger, Jon's name is cropping up everywhere amongst the those that have also died way too young.

michael sean morris said...

And thank you for that Ginger; in fact, I almost posted the footage of him talking to Merv, except that it's too pervy.

His name does keep coming up in conjunction with River Phoenix, et al; People magazine just produced one of their special editions called "Gone Too Soon" and sure enough he's right in there.

Ginger said...

Oh yeah, I posted the people Magazine article on my website,
You could have always posted the one where he talks to his cousin, Eric Paulsen, LOL. That was a good one, you see him playing the piano and diving. Thanks!