Sunday, December 09, 2007

1888: Abso-tively, Posi-lutely The Penultimate Mini-Milestone

Well, another mini-milestone has arrived, and thank goodness it's almost the last one; what started out as a clever idea quickly grew tiresome, like a Steven Seagal movie, or having children. The very last mini-milestone will occur at post number 1969 probably just before Christmas.

There isn't much to say in this one except the usual: how grateful I am to my readers and for what little input I manage to drag out of them. Efforts to build a community around this site are ongoing, and as such will be forthcoming in fits and starts whenever I can manage to wrestle a little energy from my ageing carcass and something resembling cogent thought from my overworked brain.

In the meantime, please enjoy, comment, make suggestions, and tell your friends.

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lcdseattle said...

Your efforts, writing, wit, educational content and dedication are greatly appreciated. I enjoy my daily visits to The Institute. They are important to me and frequently worth selecting the bookmark from my favorites list.

I congratulate you on another milestone and look forward to many more posts and the increase in my life's quality that visiting The Institute bring me.

Thank you,


michael sean morris said...

Thank you as always for your kind words Mr. Davey.