Friday, February 29, 2008

Gratuitous Brunette: Antonio Sabato, Jr.

He may in fact be the sexiest leapling ever; then again, since his is a variety (not to mention quantity) of hot that doesn't come around every day - especially at my place - it's apt I guess that his birthday should be a special event in more ways than one.

PhotobucketBorn on this day in 1972 Sabato first emerged into the public consciousness the way ridiculously good-looking people with limited abilities often do - modeling. In 1990 he gained some notoriety for bringing New York's Times Square to a screaming halt at the sight of his twenty-foot tall abs and eight-foot long package, thanks to the ever-so-subtle marketing machinations of one Calvin Klein. Determined to demonstrate his range, he went on to star in a Janet Jackson video - Love Will Never Do (Without You) - which is essentially modeling with movement, but nevertheless, at least he tried.

It wasn't very long before the soaps called, in this case General Hospital. A lot of people mock the soaps but they are very grueling and more often than not turn a pretty face into an accomplished actor (with an even prettier face). I mean, look at... It'll come to me... Alec Baldwin! He was in a soap too, and look how well he's done.

Sadly, that's not been the case here; in doing research for this post I watched an awful lot of dire clips that I can only assume weren't actually acted by Antonio Sabato Jr. but rather by his picture stapled to a plank. Even the dreadful made-in Vancouver (or is that a tautology?) Deadly Skies (2005) - in which he can be seen getting it on with another dude - is awful except for those scenes. Then again, it's possible the sound of blood rushing in my ears at the sight of his mouth moving just might have prevented me from a full appreciation of his oeuvre.
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