Saturday, March 01, 2008

March: A Surefire Cure For The February Blahs

I had every intention of making February a fun-filled month at the Pop Culture Institute; it is, after all, Black History Month and I have always been the proud poster boy for White Guilt.

The only hitch (although it's a major one) is that I'm no fan of this particular month; I get the distinct feeling after this year it feels the same about me. I got sick, I got depressed, I took a little too much medication (which, fortunately, was the kind that has no fatal dose); nevertheless, even though the amount I took spared me it nearly killed this blog. The long and the short of it is that this year - as in years past - February was kind of a non-starter for me. The best thing about it is that even in a Leap Year it's still the shortest month.

Well, we're done with all that now. Over the course of the next eleven months, should I find myself with a glimmer of inspiration (HA!) and a spare moment (double HA!), I will be going back and filling in what turned out to be a very scanty February indeed. Not that you, my regular readers, need to worry about that until the next one comes along, when you can read it all for yourselves as if it were new. This will also allow me a bit of a cushion when, in 337 days' time, I am once again overtaken by the combination of a Canadian winter and the consumerist orgy which is all that remains of the Feast of the Lupercalia, resulting in an overwhelming desire to hide.

Rather than continuing to excoriate myself for my own deficiencies now (having been brought up on the notion that illness is weakness) I will instead endeavour to move forward and continue attempting the quality product I have always envisioned providing, doing my utmost to attract the inevitable vast readership such a quality product ought to strive for, and yes, even the cult of personality it's going to take to unite the two.

I mean, really... It's the least I can do.
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Seumas Gagne said...

A marvelously Steve-Jobs-ish sentiment. Hear! Hear!

michael sean morris said...

O k a y...

I'm not quite sure what that means, but as it's coming from you and has the name 'Steve Jobs' in it I'll assume it's a compliment.

I take it you're applauding my constant drive for innovation, for responding to the needs my audience doesn't even know it has even before they're my audience.

To which I can only say: Guilty!