Wednesday, May 26, 2010

"Leaning On A Lamppost" by George Formby

One of the most popular figures of British entertainment during the middle years of the 20th Century was George Formby - who was born in Wigan on this day in 1904...

Often found strumming on his ukelele singing the slightly racy songs associated with the British music hall, Formby excelled in films as well as on records*. His death in March 1961 came before the current plague of cynicism afflicted England, and as such he was sorely missed (rather than mocked as an anachronism, say, which he would have been only a few years later).

*Cumbersome forerunners of the CD, made of black vinyl, and much favoured as collector's items by neo-Luddites today for the space they take up and the ease with which they are damaged.

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