Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Robin Williams

In this very funny clip Robin Williams does what he does best and succeeds in taking the piss out of Ryan Seacrest while doing it - I call that a win-win situation! Taken from American Idol (a show which I am vehement in disliking, to the extent that I refuse to link it) Williams here plays the Russian Idol, complete with a barrage of highly literate jokes about Stalin and gulags and such. I love how Seacrest just plays along, even though you know he's only thinking about his hair.

The last couple of years have not been so great for Robin Williams - rehab and divorce! - but the Pop Culture Institute would like to wish one of its favourite funny-men the happiest of birthdays, in the hopes that the cosmic ripples of that tiny action might in some way reach him some day when he needs a bit of a boost.
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Anonymous said...

He's great. And he loves the hot-dogs at the corner of Robson and Burrard St. Anytime he is shooting in Vancouver you can do some celebrity spotting over there!


michael sean morris said...

He certainly does seem to love Vancouver, despite what the movies he's made here have done to his career. I've never spotted him yet; if I had he'd definitely be the biggest star I've seen so far, although Goldie Hawn, John Travolta, and Suzanne Somers are all pretty big too.

Y | O | Y said...

You loathe American Idol? Boo, hiss!! ;)

michael sean morris said...

I loathe it to such a degree that I scarcely know where to begin describing how or why. However, you'll notice that whenever you write about it I don't leave negative comments about it on your blog, since I appreciate that anything which panders to the lowest common denominator so cravenly is bound to be massively popular.

The thing is, most of my favourite singers would bomb on that show, because they're not young or pretty enough. That and they can actually sing.

I don't mind Bo Bice though; he's the best one they've produced. Ruben Studdard's okay too - he seems nice anyway.