Friday, July 09, 2010

"The Hardest Button To Button" by The White Stripes

Birthday wishes go out today to Jack White, of the rock duo The White Stripes; even though it's not her birthday until December, it seems unfair to do so and not mention his bandmate and ex-wife Meg White here as well.

In what can only be called a 'spooky coincidence*' The Hardest Button to Button was the third single from the band's fourth album Elephant, while the video was the third of four to date directed for the band by Michel Gondry. Inevitably, it was parodied by The Simpsons, in an episode entitled Jazzy and the Pussycats, from the show's 18th season.

As a pleasant change from a love song - which seemingly three quarters** of songs are - the beat heavy tune with its distinctive jangly chord motifs and abundant fuzz I've selected to accompany these birthday wishes concerns a child's search for normalcy while trapped within a dysfunctional family, which makes it every bit as relatable as a love song minus the sick-making triteness.

*Even though it's far from spooky and not exactly a coincidence.
**A conservative estimate, made by someone (namely me) who's so liberal even his conservative estimates are liberal.

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