Tuesday, August 03, 2010

"Shoop" by Salt N Pepa

In this landmark work of old school hip-hop feminism, Salt axes the timeless question 'What's my weakness?; Pepa's answer, naturally enough, is emphatic - 'Men!'

Ah men... I've devoted almost my entire life to the admiration of and obsession over their virile forms, and the gay ones have repaid me by aggressively ignoring me; still, it's better than the routine menacing I've gotten from the straight ones, I suppose. More importantly, I haven't allowed this combination of celibacy and terrorism to change how I feel about them*.

In honour of Spinderella's birthday then, here is a bit of fun courtesy of Salt-N-Pepa from all the way back in 1993; Shoop first appeared on the band's fourth album Very Necessary, which was very necessary listening material itself that year.

*Maybe I should have, but then again weaknesses don't exactly respond to logic...
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