Thursday, September 16, 2010

"The Closest Thing To Crazy" by Katie Melua

This seems as apt an anthem as possible for life around the Pop Culture Institute, as scrambling to stay caught up with the frankly insane posting schedule I've set myself often brings me closer to crazy than, say, waking up or just being myself. At the risk of making light of mental illness* I really do feel that every so often my galloping neurosis gets the better of me, even if the rest of the time it gives me a unique perspective I wouldn't trade for anything - not even six-pack abs.

The Closest Thing to Crazy originally appeared on Katie Melua's 2003 debut album, Call Off the Search, which was so hugely popular that pundits across the pond have been slagging her off in force ever since. The song was written by Mike Batt, and his version originally appeared on his 1995 album Arabesque, which doesn't appear to be for sale anywhere.

Melua, disconcertingly enough, was born on this day in 1984 - making her just 19 when she released this - which brings me even closer to crazy...

*I'd have to be cuckoo to do that! I mean really off my nut, y'know? Proper mental.  Bonkers, even...

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