Monday, October 06, 2008

Cross-Promotion: Bear Schmear!

Way, way, WAY back in the mists of time - oh, a good six months ago or more now - I stopped commenting on Joe.My.God, owing to the fact that one of my typically sensitive and/or amusing (albeit well-thought-out) comments* elicited an entirely uncalled-for and utterly hateful screed from a well-respected regular commenter called Freddy in P'Town. It was not the first time, evil knows, but I decided it would be the last. At the time I recalled watching one of my commenters, Tank, dissipating his considerable talent over there by grappling with an oodle of petty minded skanks to the exclusion of his own blog**; I did not want that to happen to me, and have since made a clean break.

Well, it's pretty obvious that I was never gonna be the kind of A-Gay that gets either Joe or his readers all wet in the drawers anyway - the only porn star I look like is Ron Jeremy - so it was no big loss to me; I'm of better use to Joe as a foe than a friend anyway, so that's what I'll be. Since his route to fame and fortune is antithetical to me - anathema, even - I'm just waiting for the ideal moment to enjoin that battle.

In the meantime, it wasn't a total loss; out of that experience I seem to have gotten a new reader, who goes by the name Richey Rich there, and who publishes a blog out of the Los Angeles area called Bear Schmear!. Recently - ie: today - I was in another of my funks, P'd-O about some imagined slight or other*** (I am notoriously thin-skinned for such a mouthy bitch) when what should I find over there, under the delicious title Brain Candy****, but a lovely glowing tribute!

Talk about making my day! So, in aid of New Media camaraderie, I would do as my friend has done and encourage my readers to check out Bear Schmear!; things have recently been tough for Rich - not only did he unearth some homophobic porn in his parent's house during a recent visit but a good friend of his passed away as well. Since parental bigotry and dead friends are two issues I know something about my heart really went out to him, despite the fact that he's a friend I haven't met yet.

Thanks for the kind words Rich, and know that every good deed will be rewarded - at least if I have anything to say about it.


*Well... Technically I said that Michelle Obama reminded me of Omarosa. But I digress...
**After all, as fun as it is fighting a battle of wits with an unarmed opponent at first, after awhile my old compassion kicks in, and I find myself feeling bad for the guy just wasting his time with an idiot.
***Or maybe it was low blood sugar.
****The same title as
The Kids in the Hall's debut movie - one of my all-time faves!

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Richey Rich said...

wow! I didnt know you'd had a negative experience with JMG as well. I abandoned that site after being snubbed by Joe. I appealed to him when i was in extreme depression to publish my story in hopes of getting support from his community of readers. i admit, it was abald faced apppeal for help, but i really needed it then. Long story short, after communicating to him on his private email, after one response, he ignored me completely. I guess if you're not glittering enough to him, you're just excess skin.
I'm over it now, though i do miss that forum.

michael sean morris said...

Joe.My.God is a gas giant like Saturn (or Uranus!) around which lesser mortals orbit. It represents a cult of personality, to which I am entirely opposed. My disillusionment began to develop when he adopted a special needs cat and then talked about it at length for eight months. To my way of thinking, a good deed is its own reward - not publicity to build your ego. He will feel my wrath!

tankmontreal said...

MSM - I've just read this post tonight, almost two years after it was written. But i think it's worth a comment because the points made by you and by Mr.Rich still stir up stuff in me.

For now, suffice it to say that Joe of Joe.My.God. really and truly isn't the Blog Monster you seem to make him out to be.

He's an ordinary guy whose rants on gay culture got wildly popular, almost despite himself. He didn't orchestrate his popularity or even expect it; it just sorta happened as an outgrowth of a gay chatroom which didn't give him enough space to leave the remarks he wanted to.

I write with some authority as i've met him for real on two occasions and we've spoken of the success of his blog. He gets literally hundreds if not thousands of emails every week (on top of the blog comments). He can't respond to or even read most of them. The blog is his hobby, remember - he has a job and life to live as well.

I don't comment on his blog very often. It's extremely upsetting to me when someone like your Freddy of Ptown misinterprets or reacts inappropriately to my words. A few times i've been incensed - not with Joe but with some of his idiot commentators.

But we all have to remember that when we put out stuff in the cyberuniverse, it may come back to us and shit in our faces. That's the chance we take when we post anywhere.

That said, i do agree that the postings about his goddam cat are tedious. I'm not a pet person. But dammit, it's his blog and he can do whatever the hell he wants.

I've read you, Michael, for a long time (and i'm BACK!) I enjoy and respect what you do. I know you're not likely to change your opinions. But i had to say my piece.

michael sean morris said...

And you're perfectly entitled to it... The fact is, if I was writing this today I probably wouldn't even mention it. I can even say this: nowadays, he's not even worth my wrath!